Riot Squad (Short Action Movie)

I made a new video called Riot Squad. After a lot of playing around with catmull-rom cameras, I finally decided to make a video using them. The shootout scenes have sort of a COPS-feel to them, which is why I made use of the catmull rom cameras. I’m planning on making a sequel.

Edit If someone can tell me how to embed a video, please do so not.

Hey pretty cool actually. Good job.
use [media]Video goes here[/media ] for embed

good use of the cameras. shame about the fps thing in the top left corner.

That was really good

Yeah. I fixed that one in the new movie i’m making, Atomic Riders

Actually, it’s already finished, I just need to export it and stick it on YT :slight_smile:

For a NPC eyes view, use npc camera, for camera shake, edit it in your editor.

Dragula’s and awesome song.
Nice camera movements as well

Did you mean riot or swat. Good boy.