READ THIS! This is based entirely off a pic by pMnky made a while back and this idea came to mind! Though the original of his wasn’t exactly fit to have a big explosion on it so I posed something like it myself and then edited it. The main purpose of this pic however is just editing practice, because I don’t have much experience with explosions! If someone can find the original thread, please post it!

Also, since this is primarily practice I just duped the cops! If enough people really wants a better version I can go back into gmod and alter the cops posing to give it a more realistic look.

Oh yeah and there was supposed to be another guy with a molotov in his hand but when I loaded the save game he was just gone! The molotov was still there though and can be seen floating around in the original but it’s easy to remove with the clone brush or by copy pasting another piece of the wall ontop of it!

Far focus DoF

Close focus DoF (The one I was going to use)

No DoF (Used this because I wanted to work on the detail of the explosion)

pMnky’s original

Thats a really good shot, but it would be more realistic if the cops were closer together, and there were more of them, and if they didn’t all look the same, with the same posture and stuff.

^ i agree with the above

If you want it for something special like a desktop or something I’ll go work on it some more.

The duping actually makes it look pretty good in this very rare occasion as I see it.

The duping is fine in this, normally the riot cops would all stand alike to get ready for any shit to happen.

I know, but they won’t look just like they’re the exact same guy, but just a bit over. One guy would have a hand higher, one would have a hand more to the left, and maybe one would be throwing up.

One guy? Not much of a riot. I think you should have posed a lot more people.

It’s symbolic! Think like a movie poster or a scene from a movie! Just because they’re not seen doesn’t mean that they’re not there!

Maybe that one guy is the leader. :downs:

I like the editing.

Can’t help but notice the floating trash on the left side

Other than the duped cops and floating trash, it’s hard to tell what’s going on. Perhaps put another molotov in his left hand and make the explosion on the riot shield look more flame-like. Great posing, composition, and editing.

wait… what if it’s a riot between one man and living trash?!

Try to find what I fixed, it was pretty damn annoying to see it in a good shot.

I was going to this, just with more people smacking against the cop phalanx.

All your crituiqe is for totally fair reasons so let me ask this, would any of you use it for a background or something if I fixed the dupe and floating trash of doom?

I had a similar idea, Where you see it from the side, really close up on the riotee and the Riot officer’s faces in profile!

His collar. It’s something I spotted but forgot to edit, it’s actually not a clipping error though, it’s the lighting!
Edit: I reuploaded a fix of it.

Here’s the original thread. :wink:
by me.

Nice editing and posing, but are the police guys dupe’d…?