Riotshield coding request

i just finished the view model and the world model
i just need someone to do the coding so it can deflect bullets
heres some pics
i actually wanna release this so someone please help
the swep base im using right now is the knife in the css realistic weapons pack
but it doesnt block bullets

View model




The riot shield is upside down.

That’s just the map and player.

Yeah I gotta still gotta fix that but is anyone going to help??

I would love to, but I have no idea how to do it.

I have actually made a simple riotshield SWEP that blocks bullets (due to limitations can’t block explosives). Adapting it to use your models should be trivial, although if you want it to use the view model (rather than just showing the shield prop in front of you) that might be slightly tricky. I have very little free time on a Monday but I’ll see what I can do later tonight.

sweet thanks man