:: RiotSquad :: PvP|Events|Instacraft|NoDurabilty :: Wiped 3/8!

Current MAGMA Mods:
-ClanTag (See Below for Commands)
-DestroyMode (Destroy your own items and get them back in your inventory! No more waiting for admins to be on to make your perfect house!)
-Home (TP to your home easily! **There is a 30min cooldown on this & will not allow you to move for 15s)
-VOTE System!! (Finally we were able to get a working vote system. Type /vote for info and /voted once you have voted! You will get your supply signal!)

To Join:
Hit ‘F1’ in console and copy/paste: net.connect

Server Located in -[US Central]-

Welcome to the -RiotSquad- Server! (PvP / Sleepers / No Admin Abuse / Door Sharing / Instacraft / Events / Friendly / Airdrop @ 20 / No Craft C4 / Starter Kit / TP) – Wiped 3/8/2014

Come Join Us!

---------Wiped 3/8/2014-----------------

Server Features:
-Active Admins (Friendly)
-Sleepers On
-Cheatpunch Enabled - ZERO Tolerance for cheater/hackers!!! Please refer to Admins if you think someone is cheating/hacking!!
-PvP Server
-No Admin Abuse EVER!!!

-Clan System
/chelp shows the clan command list
/ccreate “name” creates a clan
/cdelete disbands your clan
/cinvite “name” invites the player to your clan
/ccancel decline invitation
/caccept accept invitation
/clist shows list of clans online
/cwho shows list of clan members online
/cm clan chat

-Airdrop @ 20 Players Online (will adjust accordingly depending on population)
-Instacraft 100%
-Friendly Server
-Special Event: Hunger Games (Awesome Reward for Winner!!!)
-Door Sharing (/share playername and /unshare playername)
-Teleport System (/tpa playername; /tpaccept playername; /tpdeny)
-Starter Kit (/starter)
-Chat History (/history)
-C4 No Longer Craftable ; 5% Drop Rate on Zombies; C4 Will Drop in Airdrops ; C4 Will Drop from Loot in Towns
-Modded Loot Tables
-Weapons can be found in towns

–Custom Events-- (more to come…): 1st and 2nd Place will win prizes!

  1. Hunger Games - Just like the movie. Each participant will be teleported to the arena on a box (naked). Wait for the gun fire when ready to start. Last man standing will win prizes along with 2nd place. Weapons/Armor will be in the middle of the arena along with in the surrounding buildings.
  2. Arena Event (Mansion)

-Sedation (Handles all Events)

Looking forward to seeing you on the server!

–Feedback welcome!

Please Vote for our server!! Thank you!

Bumping for Joy!

Come check us out!