rip 3d model from heroes and generals ?

Hello.I’m looking for ideas to ripp 3d model from this free game.

Start in Web browser…

Next is loading from system exe.

And Game.Thank you for your ideas ! :slight_smile:

By any chance, is this game made under Unity?

Retox engine

sorry to necro old thread, but anyone managed to rip anything from this game?

ive tried with both DX and ninja ripper and a few others i could find. Textures are easy and are just .dds files compressed with crunch.

3dmodels however encrypted in .bin (binary) files.

Any ideas?


ty, but im looking for the 3d models :slight_smile:

That one that he linked has the mediafire link in the description.

Looks like he only ripped the one model though.

try Graphix monitor

I extracted only one character for test the engine and the formats.

sincerely, is a little bit difficult extract models from this game, because requires lot of time.

It can not be by new ninja ripper v1.5.1 ?

I don’t know

Maybe from STEAM .EXE not from explorer game instalation. They are similar but not the same

hi,just,just,Is there a video?