Rip 3D models help!!!

I’d like to rip some weapon models from the ame Medal of Honor 2010 but it seems like running 3D Ripper DX always makes the game crash somehow. Are there any 3D ripping device that I can use for this game (specifically for the Unreal Engine 3rd Gen)?

Makes the game crash? Are you playing it while ripping?


and you’re clueless onto why it’s not working

Umodel works fine for the game

Im clueless on why it doesnt work, it would be good if you can explain why since I’m relatively new to ripping models…been doing that for a month only

I know Umodel can work on Unreal Engines but can it still work on the 3rd Gen?

I think the idea is to not play it whilst ripping

Then you have no idea how ripping works.

As to umodel - yes it has support for MOH2010

well I play the game while rip it…thats the way it worked with 3D Ripper DX on Modern Warfare 3…

Im wondering if I can rip the weapons as they appear in game, like the M4A1 with all the optical gadgets and not just the bare gun

Use NINJA RIPPER , it makes a diffrent support module to rip from using the engine of the game… if you tried alredy you have to make sure you dx works with the game