rip from PS2 games?

i read mario’s guide, and it didn’t say how to rip models and textures and stuff from PS2 games. anyone know? can you give me a rather detailed awnser? i have 3Dmax, and DX3D ripper.

It’s because you can’t. :cop:

Im pretty sure its impossible to rip from ps2 games.

hmm… ok then, Gamecube games?

Quite possible, just use the 3Dvia method.

^care to share the method?

you know it would be much easier if you could just say what you want to get.

It might be difficult, but there is an emulator for the PS2. Combine that with 3DRipper and you might be able to get something. Although the emulator is far too slow to use for actual gameplay, so you might not be able to get late-game content without more tricks.

I’m pretty sure you can get a PS2 emulator as well as ‘3D Ripper DX’ and rip scenes. Although, it’s not going to be easy to rig player models since you can’t rip an original t-pose. Also, you may have problems with the FOV, but you can correct that with the .3DR importer.

Google 3D Ripper DX if you don’t know what it is.

A) what is a FOV B) can i make ragdolls W/O t-posing them? i just want the ragdolls.

OK, if you don’t know that simple stuff, I highly doubt you have the skills to pull this off. I’ll explain anyways:

FOV: Field of View. When a game renders things, it has to set the angles for what is visible. Many games use different standards, especially when it comes to console games. If you rip at a different FOV than the model is supposed to be, it gets distorted, like looking at it through a fisheye lens.

T-Posing is getting the model into a t-shape, like this:

This is done so the bones can be set up properly. If you try to set the bones up while it’s in an action or otherwise “real” pose, you’ll probably have a great deal of trouble. Some people (for some reason) actually prefer to rig while in a ripped pose instead of changing it into a t-pose then rigging, but that’s rather a minority view.

i knew what t-posing was…

and everyones gotta start somewhere! sometimes, you gotta run before you can walk. (sorry, i just saw iron man again.)

thank you, masterscorp. oh, and arleitiss, i pretty much want everything in a few games, (i have alot of time on my hands though)

I have been wondering this too.

Train models are always in demand, so i have been trying to get models from my copy of Xtreme Express. Lots of great trains there.

also, can i use something other then blender? i want to use the one in marios guide, 3Dmax


what exactly is this? it looks like a bunch of models you can download, but no tutorial.

Its possible, use emulator and DX Ripper

This method is useless because all you will get is a flat mesh that cannot be made 3D. The same goes for any other program that captures 3D data, you will have the same results.

The way the emulator renders makes it impossible to properly rip from PS2 games.

ps2 emulator and model ripper like the DX ripper

I love how you didn’t read the posts just above yours.