RIP Kingdom Hearts > Second Life.

So I’m partaking in a sim within Second Life - and I’m interested in ripping textures and models - running them through Blender, and uploading them free of charge to Second Life. This sim is not for profit and shouldn’t be running any kind of red flags to any third party organization nor Square, but I’m not sure how to go about extracting the models in the first place. I’ve tried different methods of extraction, such as compiling a RCF file (Which none exist for KH1 for the Ps2) - and even going through the ISO file.

Any tips or suggestions? you might try the psp models too. whatever sort of details or style you prefer. those are a ton of models to choose. happy blending. :slight_smile:

I appreciate the assistance - though they don’t seem to convert properly over to Dae like I need them to. I’ve got to keep digging.

well… yeh… dae is not the only solution. the obj gotta be rigged ofc. some of those are smd tho. i dunno if you know, but you’d need bst (blender source tools) forthose to import. it’s probably the easiest format you can get there. just some of them are like that easy tho. figure it out. :smile:

Thank you - I’ll look up BST and try to work on rigging at least some of the models - I really want to get Traverse Town, and the model is right there, right in reach, but I need to get it to open in Blender and then map textures to that bad boy and send it straight to Second Life. - I’ll try to figure it out. This is the first time I’m doing a project like this, and I’m still somewhat new to Blender. Just gotta get this sim built.