RIPD (Rust Island Police Department)

Anyone had the idea to start up a police department, yet? (If so, how was it received?)

If someone was being raided, or a serial killer was guarding resource nodes, you’d call out in chat:
911 - (type of emergency) - (location of emergency)
911 - raid - Hanger

The RIPD would then roll out, and after dealing with the threat, they would confiscate the loot for future use.


its like DarkRP from garrysmod?

Also, one Member should blast a police siren over voice and rotate while holding a flashlight

This would be fun

I can create a Mod with this power (The 911 thing) in Magma. If you would like.

Can someone do it for oxide with a map support in a web as

No mod necessary really.

It would be more of a community event. Players could join the PD, meet at the ‘station’ to get geared, and then band together against a common threat.

I’m mostly curious if the player-base would be interested in joining/starting something like this, if the opportunity presented itself on their servers.

I normally use this sound on V when my base is under attack to alert everyone arround :

Since it’s a village its quite funny to see people going outside to see wtf is going on.

Get a good roleplaying clan to do this, would be awesome.

R.I.P.D Be careful of copywrite. Im talking about the move R.I.P.D (Rest In Peace Department). But ya would be a cool idea for a plugin or something.

you can use the jail mod and make people deputies by flagging them to be able to jail people :wink:

If you believe it or not… you aren´t the only one who already mentionned that kind of idea. But that´s the way to go. Hope our wishes will be heard

hhahahahaha LFMAO

laught so hard xD

Sounds great, I would like to see this as a plugin so whoever creates it first wins i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch and Learn.

Pro Tip: If a player is being too cooperative plant narcotics on them by throwing out “pills” and waiting for them to pick them up.

It’s hard to work.

My little band of misfits went into a police patrolled server on DayZ. We went to the “No PVP zone!” and starter shooting everyone to get the police to respond.

Eventually the server got swarmed with heroes trying to stop us. I’m not bragging, as it was partly luck and partly that apparently all the heroes had no situational awareness. We killed 17 of them and only lost 4 out of our 6. My friend and I thankfully survived and we made a stealth escape through the city. It was really intense and fun.

Point is, making rule enforcers on a server will probably result in a LOT of trolling unless the admin gives them some type of edge OR that the police force is more dedicated to grinding resources and gear more than the clans that seem to have 8+ hours a night to do that stuff.

Yeah i made the group LAPD few weeks back pretty hilarious