Riping out projectiles causes bleeding

I think it’s really cool that arrows and spears and shit will now get stuck in you once you’re hit by them, but the way it works in the game right now is kind of silly. Basically, when you survive a fight, you now have all these free arrows your attacker generously gave you. If there was a way to make the removal of these objects cause bleeding, I feel like it wouldn’t just be two parties trading ammo. Better yet, have arrows that are made to get stuck inside someone and have them break upon being pulled out. Of course this would have to mean that there is actually an incentive to pulling them out instead of just leaving them in, so maybe have the projectiles cause light bleeding when they are stuck and temporary* heavy bleeding when they are pulled out.

tl;dr Refer to the title.

*by this I mean the ability to heal it with a bandage

>tl;dr Refer to the title.

I’m pretty sure that ripping out projectiles DO NOT cause bleeding. Did you test it?

This is a suggestion for a feature, not a bug report, bud

Also, a good idea. Free arrows and spears in your body is kind of silly in fights nowadays, especially when you’re out of ammo and frantically ripping the enemy’s arrows out of your stomach to shoot them back at him.

this would actually be pretty funny for doing it to other people as well - throwing a spear into them then in close combat pulling the spear out causing them to bleed heavily.