Ripped off?

Hi. I was on steam the other day and saw garry’s mod. i went to pay for it and just before it started downloading, my electric ran out, so I topped it up and when i logged back into steam, the garry’s mod icon was there, and when i went to start it, instead of it saying play, it said purchase. i checked my details and it said i had no card registered to my account and when i checked my bank, the money had been taken so i had payed for a game that i wanted, but didnt get it.

any help is appreciated, Mikeyboy001.

link to steam account, because steam wouldn’t let you download it without the purchase going through.

Send a support case to steam, there is nothing we can do here on facepunch.

This would suck if you’re telling the truth, but I’m not sure if you are. Your Steam profile under your name gives an error, Searching for your name (M1K3Y101) doesn’t bring up anything either.
Searching on Google found your YouTube account and a men dating side… Not more than that.
So please, a link to your profile.

I swear i am telling the truth. I checked my downloads tonight and tada, it was there saying it had downloaded. I was elated. When I pressed the play button, the screen flickered as if a game was about to start and… it redirected me to the purchase page!!! :angry: The thing that made me so angry is that I only have a limited amount of downloads every month, and this has taken up most of it for a game I cant play :sad:

Link your steam page, then we’ll talk.

when you click add a friend, type spursshorts

that doesn’t work

we need a LINK

he doesn’t own gmod

it says i dont, which is why i am so pissed. maybe i am just unlicky whe it comes to timing. i will just pay for it again.

Then you downloaded it without paying for it

so warez

If you bought it then steam emails you a receipt.

its not called being ripped off its called the worst timing in the world,the best thing i can say is to deal with it and buy it another time

Stop trying to get people to buy you gmod.


Thanks for all the help. I checked my email, and I saw the receipt. Then, I reinstalled steam, re-downloaded all of my games and it was there, so I’m happy now!


Now I don’t feel like this: :suicide:

Thanks again to everyone that has helped me.

From mikeyboy001.

I’m glad that you found out how to have fun with emoticons…

And with GMod ofcourse.

Im glad we could all help