Ripping a CS BSP/Model

I was wondering if you where or how I could rip a map from Counter Strike. I want to get de_dust’s 3D model so I could port it over Halo CE, thanks in advance.

Literally first hit I got on Google

Aside from that you’re going to have some problems. Source maps use brushes for most of the geometry in a map with props then littered throughout the map to make a whole product. If I remember Halo CE properly it uses entire 3d models to create the map. You might be able to use a tool called “Propper” for Hammer that lets you define brushes as props but that’s out of my area. You might get some better help in the Mapping section.

Well, there is a tool called Crafty, and another one called BSP to VMF, just google those.

The best decompiler i’ve found is BSPsrc 1.311 it gives the least errors all you then need to do is import the vmf and textures to 3ds max and fix it up then use the Halo Blitzkrieg exporter to export the Halo level