Ripping Bioshock1/2 models

I’ve noticed some people on here have been able to rip the models from bioshock 1/2 and i would like to know how to do that my self. i’ve looked in the forum but wasn’t really able to get a clear picture of the process. if anyone can help me that be great.

P.S. If i posted in the wrong forum…i’m sorry. i say that because it seems kind of easy to get banned around here

It’s something called UModel I think, but I may be wrong.

I downloaded the trial and have no idea on how to import the models and rip them it’s obviously possible, as you guys managed to do it

Well, I’m gonna first assume that you DO have Bioshock 1/2, right? If it’s a pirated copy then I’m pretty sure it won’t work.

Sorry if I may sound like I know what to do, but I do not.

Its not important if you have a pirated or not. You actually just need to know how to work with the CMD. There is even a tutorial on their site for the basics!

you think you could give me the link? i don’'t know what i’m going to be looking for

Well, I almost posted the link to Plasmid’s thread because I totally spaced out on what you were asking.