Ripping COD:AW models without opening the game?

so I recently got call of duty: Advanced Warfare to get some models and sounds from the game. when 5 days of downloading passed, It told me I had to have a 64 bit PC… now I don’t feel like backing up everything i have and reinstalling windows just for a game. ive tried opening the .pak files with GCFScape and all i got was “Error: Invalid file: the file’s signature does not match.”, Now call me a retard if you want if im wrong, but im guessing the files are for 64 bit too? (i really dont know how all that works) so im wondering if its possible to rip files from it without opening up the game?

Now if it isn’t possible, could someone give me a link to an exo-suit model? thats all I needed from the game. (don’t even mention links if its .c4d)

If you are going to give me links, I forgot to mention that I need first person exo hands w/ exo launcher, and a frag grenade model

Jesus christ i have awful memory, ANOTHER EDIT:
again, If you are going to give me links, I forgot to mention that I need all the other nades too


dude, it has been 3 hours. Give it some time…

thats why im asking “anyone?”

so i guess im dumb for asking “anyone?”.

You typically don’t need to bump unless it’s been a day or even a couple of days.

To answer your question, you can try looking on the CoD: AW modeling thread a page or two back and see if anyone posted what you’re looking for.

When he said to give it some time, he meant give it a few days at least before you bump the thread. People around here tend to get annoyed with newly posted threads being bumped in less than 48 hours, so it’s usually a good idea to just wait a few days before bumping the thread.

well im kind of new here, i made an account back in 2014 but never used it

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You could’ve simply do a search with the “search” function on the forums and type in “Advanced Warfare” and specified to only search in the modeling section, but here’s the link.

only found 3-4 dl links, 2 of which might contain what im looking for (hands and suit) but i still need the grenades

If no one’s ported them, then no one’s ported them. Can’t really help you there because I’d have to re-download the entire game and extract everything.

I think I have the frag grenades in the original formats, give me a few minutes to check.

EDIT: What is the specific name of the grenade you need?

well i would like the frag, stun, threat, emp, and smoke (if 2 models are the same, just give me one)

Unfortunately, I do not have those models, sorry mate.

thanks though, im asking for them on the thread you sent me though.