Ripping content from EP2/any good open source content sites?

Asked this in my other thread, figured I’d ask again. Is ripping content (say a pine tree) from Ep2 or L4D used in a map and packing it with the map illegal? Should it not be done? If so can people list the best open source sites for models and textures. I’m looking to vamp up my map so it’s stand alone without the need for ep1 and ep2. is your friend for this, but I doubt you’re not allowed to use stuff from EP2 and L4D, just ask a map author if you’re going to steal his textures/models though.

taking it out the model and using it is not but the packing is

Ah, so the player would definitely need ep1 and 2?

Okay, I’ve decided to go with custom content. Anybody recommend any more decent models/materials sites, preferably ones that are open to use and don’t need credit? I’m looking for hl2 style wallpaper/stone/floor/wood/grass/road etc, lots of foliage for a typical garden or countryside (bushes etc) and a few light fixtures. Pushing my luck maybe some up to date kitchen, bathroom fixtures and cars. Cheers in advance.

EDIT: Aleksas does that mean what I think it means? I just want to be completely sure before going through with anything. If so thanks! I’d still like people to post some sites for future reference, it might help in the future for me and other mappers.

Yes you can port between source games.
Here is the model and textures site :

as an addition to that link, be aware that counter-strike condition zero (+ deleted scenes), sin episodes emergence, vampire the masquerade bloodlines, zeno clash, dino d day and dark messiah are not covered by the agreement. you technically have to ask the devs if you want to use their stuff in like a gmod map but usually as long as you don’t make profit using their content in your maps the devs won’t mind.

Well as sad as it is, that’s made my day!

Wow, it took gamebanana staff so long to realize you are allowed to cross-port. Bunch of retards, thanks for trashing good submissions for no reason.

It was VALVe who gived the permission, not they.