(ripping/conversion) Volvo 850 from Volvo: The Game

All right, Volvo, in association with a small development company, released a free Volvo-centered racing game called, unsurprisingly, Volvo: The Game as a promotion for the new S60 concept. It’s the first game I’ve seen with my own beloved 850 in it, which I’ve been trying to model for Source for a very long time, the problem being I’m rubbish at car modeling.

I tried having at it with 3D Ripper DX, but the game crashes. On a whim I checked the installation directory, and the model files are right there inside, but in a format I’ve never seen. The game is pretty rudimentary, so I’m hoping it’s a more ubiquitous format rather than something proprietary, but I’m not sure. Many files that appear to be textures have the extension .gmt, and there are a number of others like .dmg, .eng, .grb, .hdc, et cetera, that I’m unfamiliar with.

What appear to be the model files (everywhere else is either labeled clearly or doesn’t have anything pertaining to the cars) are in the installation directory under C:\Program Files\SimBin\Volvo - The Game\GameData\Teams\Volvo_850 by default.

Is there any way someone could investigate these files and see if it would be possible either to import them into Max, or to rip them from the game somehow?


Download Link (button in upper-right corner of the flash interface after the intro)

Model Files Alone

EDIT: Fine, I’ll just import my own models, with blackjack, and hookers!