Ripping from 7554

that’s my first post there. I have been trying to rip some models from a game called 7554.

It’s a Vietnamese FPS on Vision engine by Trinigy. The engine by itself should support DX9, 10 and 11. I am pretty sure that the 7554 game uses DX10 because it’s offered in the install setup.

I tryed 3D Ripper DX which did nothing at all (no ‘ready to capture’ icon, nothing happening when pressing capture button, no files created in export folder). I guess it’s because 3D ripper doesn’t support DX10.
Second app that I tryed was 3D Via Printscreen but it always shutted the game down when I pressed the capture button. No files were created either in the export folder.

So my question - have anyone out there positive results with ripping from this 7554 game? Any advices are welcome.

P.S. If anyone wants to know - I am interested in the ZB 26 machine gun model.


Try Ninja Ripper

Thx for tip! I didn’t know this one. I will give it a try.

Post some results, I’m quite interested in how these models look like.

Would be cool to have French soldiers.

The game takes place in 1940s/50s so the French use WW2 American uniforms and mixture of US/French weapons.

Oh, and will post some port results asap.

Ok, the ninjaripper seems to be working on this game. Textures are saved ok. Will have to check the model rips.

After I am done, I will post the settings in ninjaripper and in the game so others can try it as well…

Ok, here’s the report…

The 7554 game must be set to low shader settings in order to be in DirectX9 mode. In that case, you can rip from it. Luckily, model detail is not infected by that. To get diffuse textures with reasonable resolution, set the texture detail to high.

Here are my settings for Ninjaripper:

The game should start normally. After first hitting one of the capture buttons (texture or model rip) the game will freeze for a second (to save the ripped data) and then will start to have display problems (black blinking of the screen). This is really random, sometimes the blinking stops after few moments and sometimes not. Since it is unplayable during blinking, you have to either wait for it to dissappear or restart the game for another ripping.

P.S. ripped textures are just diffuse maps. I wasn’t able to get normals, speculars etc.

Here’s the shot of the model which I wanted:

I am surprised that it doesn’t rip in DX11 or DX10 with intruder.
But good job!

The game engine runs either DX9 or 10.

intruder didn’t worked at all. I had to use wrapper mode. And since there’s no DX10wrapper I had to use DX9.

I’ll try to rip something with DX10 on when I’ll get the game.

Also tips looking really nice, peico. Could you maybe share them with the forums? I guess I don’t have to say that there’s no ZB26 model available anywhere AFAIK.

Yeah sure, why not.

Files:, zb26view.obj/mtl, zb26world.obj/mtl
Format: OBJ/MTL
Texture: DDS A8R8G8B8 (2048x2048px)
Polygons: Tris: 13569 (view), 3170 (world)
Note: Geometry is cleaned. Meshes are moved into better positions. UVs and normals are in condition from NinjaRipper. Only diffuse texture included, either the game doesn’t have other texture maps or NinjaRipper doesn’t save them.