Ripping from Dungeon Siege 1

Alright well I’m bored with DS1, so I’m not going to be working on any more. Thanks for the views and here, have a toy Krug as a souvenir.




Spider Creatures:

Sorry it’s taking me awhile to port so little, All of the models come out extremely bent and scewed due to it being ripped.
Plus I’m pretty much doing this by myself by hand, so.

Alright I’ve figured it out, and I have some skewing problems when ripping, so I’ve got to manually adjust the rotation and scale.

Luckily I found out it needs a 32 degree rotation and the Y scale needs to be 1.6. :slight_smile:

So far I’ve got the Krug’s skeleton set up, and soon I’ll show you guys an actual in-game picture of it being a ragdoll.

Not going to lie, those look pretty bad.

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That spider creeps me the fuck out too.

The game is from 2002*, and in a 3rd person perspective.

i love this game

I’ve successfully rigged my first model, after trial and error of 4 attempts and fails, 5 times the charm I suppose.

Don’t expect this to turn into a huge pack, I’m just learning how to rig models. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did it take long to learn how to do all this or did you just follow a tutorial?

EDIT: I forgot to add “?” at the end of the sentence. I am terribly sorry.

Well I read some Blender tutorials on Vertex Weighting, and decompiled a HL2 normal male model as a reference, then trial and error for the past 2 days and now I’m here.

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Alright well I’m done ripping from Dungeon Siege 1, it’s too much of a hassle.

Here have this: