Ripping from Lego games?

Has anyone done this for any of the recent Lego games? Specifically any of the Marvel Lego games.

The last time I tried a Lego game it was with the LEGO Movie game for PC, and I attempted to use 3D Ripper DX. The models were warped and I would have had no idea at that time how to fix it. It’s possible Ninja Ripper may work I’m not sure on that, but it’s worth a try. Seems odd that there has not been much interest in ripping the models from LEGO games.

I mean other than scale, there is a perfectly good Avengers Helicarrier in the Marvel Lego game.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a cultural juggernaut, but it isn’t without its detractors. It may be a rollicking adventure, many say, but a lot of it feels like a retread. Characters, locations, and story beats echoed those of the very first Star Wars film, with even the movie’s creators acknowledging that there were many (deliberate) similarities between the two.

And just… how exactly is this useful in any way shape or form to the original request post?

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a bot…

Yeah, me neither.

I had a go using NinjaRipper on Lego Star Wars: TFA a few months ago. Most of the models came out ok but some things like the front of bodies and legs were missing. I also tried using QuickBMS which did ok with the extracting but I couldn’t figure out what to do with the resulting files. I think Lego games are a lost cause for the time being.