Ripping from MGS3. Possible?

Ive heard this is possible yet I dont know how, I have the game right here and right now I dont know or have a program that can extract ANYTHING from the game files.

Sounds are possible, just do some digging around Ocelot in the TF2 section, yes the TF2 section.

We have a TF2 section?

the files are encrypted, so you’ll need a rocket scientist to break it. :stuck_out_tongue:

otherwise use 3dvia rippers on the ps2 emulator. I posted some rips in the last MGS3 topic

3D Ripper DX? On a PS2 Emulator? How would that work?

it doesn’t, use 3dvia

all 3dvia gives me is useless xml shit

XML stuff? What have you got?

there’s an import plugin for 3dsmax9 “3dxml”