Ripping from PS2 or PSP game ?

Did anyone know any ways to rip from PS2 or PSP
and how to rip maps from games ?

Well ripping models from PS2 is 100% possible, tho don´t remember if there are still models around, and don´t remember the tool but I remember a PS2 model in GTA SA (Vic Vance from the exclusive game GTA VCS)

I got a pic:

If anybody knows the tool for ripping, please tell, I just showed this picture to say it is possible

For PSP I dunno sorry

That’s for the PC version.

I know you can rip from the PSP I have some models from Dissidia that someone put up a while back.

Its GTA VCS, for PS2 and PSP only

Its a model ported from the PS2 version, learn to read

The head is, ONLY THE HEAD.
The bodies are from SA.


Or, you know, it was a reskin?

It’s PC as Rusty said. Perhaps you aren’t familiar with reskin?

And what proof or any knowledge do you have about PS2 even possible. From what i’ve know, it is only if someone decided to make a tool for that certain game. So no, it is not possible to rip from ps2 like how you rip from PC game. Learn to research.

God damn.

The head is a model from PS2

I better shut the fuck up now, should I?

Actualy, now that i look, thats tenpenny’s head reskinned.

Your argument is now null and invalid sir.


As you can see, here is proof.

Thats tenpenny ingame, compare to the reskin above, its not a ported head, its just a reskin.


This is a Source engine forum, not a GTA SA one.

Well just to end the argument

I really think this is a texture mod:

You said that one head was a port, i was just proving it wasnt.

But it is, if you see the picture above your post.

Well that is really a port.

it’s a port
you can extract model from both GTA VCS/LCS on psp and ps2
you can find extract tool on GTAForums


That is what I meant to say!

link to GTAForums ? i need to rip from random games not just from GTA !

You can’t really port from PS2 unless someone has made a tool to extract the models straight from the game’s files (there aren’t many). Just using something that captures 3D data won’t work because of the way the emulator renders and will just a capture a useless flat jumble of polygons resembling what you tried to capture. Unless of course you have a special rendering plugin that apparently works well with PCSX2, but no one knows how to find it and the people that do have it aren’t telling.

just only GTA
you just can rip ps2 game if that game have tool to extract
for now i just know about 3-4 game can be extract easy
but if you want to rip without tool,use PS2 emulation with 3DXripper globar mode

The guys making that Timesplitter’s gamemode have ripped player models from a PS2 game, ask them maybe.

No, they ripped it from Dolphin, a gamecube/wii emulator.