Ripping from Video Game Cinematics

Ok I’ve seen people chatting about it but how does a person go about ripping the 3D Models from Video Game cinematics on the disk?

Impossible as they are pre-rendered.

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Unless you were a genie with a magic dick.

In the portal 2 props pack I think there was the car from the moon sequence from the end, or was that not a cinematic part?

Unless you know a lot of games have cutscenes that are really just characters with animations and set cameras… which is why reskins work on cutscenes

If you’re talking about in-game cutscenes, assuming there’s a way to either extract or rip the model, you can get 'em. But if you’re talking about pre-rendered cutscenes, there’s no possible way to rip them. Only way you could get them is if the company/person supplied the models used for it (like Valve did with Meet the Sniper).

Well, generally im sure “cinematics” means “CGI rendered cutscenes” like the opening to Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

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Those are ingame.

Depends on the type of cinematic - there’s essentially three.

Preanimated in engine - these use content normally found in the gamefiles merely preanimated and preset.
Prerendered in engine - these are also made in the engine but are videos. The content for them might still be left in the game files though.

Prerendered - usually made from super high poly stuff in a 3d package impossible to rip in any sense.

I’m sorry I should have been more clear I meant in-game cutscenes.