Ripping from Viva Pinata (PC)

i tried using 3D Ripper DX, NinjaRipper, and 3DVIA Printscreen on this game, i’m trying to get Hudson Horstachio (would prefer his Viva Pinata Party Animal design but figured it would be easier to get him from the PC game) but 3D Ripper DX wont launch the game, NinjaRipper crashes the game when i press F10 to rip, and 3DVIA Printscreen wont do anything, Hudson is at the very start of the game, you literally see him within seconds of starting, on the left of the screen, i dont know of any other way to try to rip him


Have you tried making a memory dump for the game itself and looking through that? There have been a few games that actually required that in order to extract model and texture data from them, so it’s worth a shot.

how do i make a memory dump for the game though?

Well, the easiest method would be to do it from the task manager (assuming you’re using a Windows OS). Open up the task manager while the game is running, and go to the tab labeled ‘Processes’ near the top of the window. In there, you should be able to find the .EXE for the game (I don’t know what that game’s .EXE is labeled, but you’ll see it listed there); right click on the .EXE for the game, and then click on the ‘Create Dump File’ option. This will create a .DMP file in a specific location (usually ‘C:\users-your account\AppData\Local\Temp’); all you have to do is hunt down the file, and you can examine it from there.

ok, i know exactly what you’re talking about, just never knew that was an option lol, also i’m assuming the UV maps will be broken?

I’ve honestly never had to deal with making memory dumps to extract models from a PC game, so I honestly don’t know if the UV will be broken or not. I would assume that they aren’t, but I honestly have no clue due to a lack of experience with that particular approach. Someone else might be able to inform you more about that, though.

i made a dump file and got “Viva Pinata.dmp” “WAX2A6C.tmp” and “Viva Pinata.mrk” all of them are 0 KB except for the .DMP file which is 838,699 kb, but i dont know how to do anything with any of those

Well, like I said before, I don’t have much experience with that particular method of content extraction from games, so you’d have to ask someone else. I think Cra0kalo might know how, so try shooting a PM their way.