Ripping from XBOX360 \ PS3 possible?

Possible? If yes, what i need for ripping?

Ive Heard There Are Ways Of Doing this

xbox 360 is posible im sure of it. But for ps3 is almost impossible cause of the blu-ray ripper. But if you have proper programs and a blu-ray disk reader, but im not so sure if thats correct cause ive also heard that it isnt possible

No. It is not currently possible to rip from XBox 360 or from PS3. Because ripping from any console itself is impossible, it’s always done via emulator. And, since there are currently no emulators for either console, it is impossible at this time to rip. The problem isn’t “getting the data from the disk”, the problem is “figuring out what the data on the disk is”.

However, there are other ways to obtain the models. In this case, it would be by reverse-engineering the model formats and coding an importer. This, however, is a lot of work, often involving the reading of machine code. Deep magic, is what I’m saying. Not something done trivially.

my point exactly. I though only that data from the disk can be grabbed. But emulation is what i had in mind.

XBox 360 is at least a year out to get anything to even run, probably a few years more to get an actual game running at playable speeds. Main issue is timings: it uses a peculiar triple-core CPU, and getting that to emulate properly is going to be a right pain in the ass, even on a triple-core (or more) machine. I mean, look at the PS2, and how even years later the emulators can’t run everything.

PS3 emulation is going to be even harder. One PowerPC core, and seven specialized SIMD processors? Plus the GPU? Rough guess here, PS3 emulation is a decade away from playable. It’s a crazy complicated architecture.

Hell, Wii emulation is only doable because the architecture is so close to the Gamecube, giving them a head start.

ps3 emulation is impossible. the core that the ps3 has is 8 cored. the most powerful pc only has (i think) 6 cores.

Doesn’t make it impossible. And, while they are extremely expensive and aimed at servers, not desktops, there are CPUs going up to 12-core (Opteron 6168, 6172, 6174 and 6176 SE, if you’re wondering).

Even if you only have a six-core machine, it’s doable. Hell, a single-core one can technically emulate it. You could theoretically emulate a PS3 on an 8086. It’s called “Turing Completeness”, where, given sufficient memory, any Turing-complete processor can calculate any Turing-complete problem. Since pretty much every processor in existence is Turing-complete, emulation is technically possible, just not always fast.

I believe PS3 emulation could be possible on current systems, if coded to offload SPE emulation to a GPU. A high-end modern graphics card should be capable of emulating both the PS3’s GeForce 7800 and the SIMD cores, leaving just one core to be emulated by the CPU. However, this would be extremely difficult to code.

oh yea…forgot that emulators dont make real-time cpu usage the same as real consoles ^^’ also you are correct. having high end graphic power and programming expertise, ps3 emulation can be made

Now that I think about it, even doing GPGPU stuff might not be necessary. The SPEs (that’s 7 of the 8 cores) are very simple processors. I’m pretty sure the SSE coprocessors on the CPU can keep up with at least light loads. Probably not full power, but how many games actually utilize the entire system?

exactly! but you know, my pcsx2 is still working fine on my dual core. hmm…taking the fact that ps3 games are more than 10gbs, that may be the only big thing in the emulator. if someone makes one.

Huh. I tried running PCSX2 on my machine, and it lagged like a fucking bitch. Core 2 Duo, 2.26 gHz, 4 gigs of memory, and a GeForce 9600M GS with another gig of vram.

Of course, it may have just been that game. MGS3 was a pretty late-stage PS2 game, pushed the system pretty hard.

And the size of Blu-Ray disks isn’t going to hamper emulation. There’s a lot of the game ISOs floating about the interblag already, for pirates I suppose.

hmm…so, the bites dont matter. But, wait, MGS3? Metal Gear worked fine for me. Maybe something with the bios? or bad iso? heck i dunno. I load them from discs. And yes , it is a late-stage ps2 game.

Might just have been a bad configuration. I didn’t really try too hard to get it running. I gave up after I was told that, due to the way the emulator worked, I still couldn’t rip from it properly.

i use it cause my ps2 is still in a fritz.

Wow, thanks.
But gman003-main, you’re wrong. Even I’m on my laptop with a less good configuration, it is quite comfortable to play many games through an emulator, moreover, it is constantly updated.
Can you give me the same information, but the fact that I need to take models from PS2? I would be grateful.

A coder made a halo 3 emu, but its buggy as hell, and private

Ripping from the PS2 is very hard. I’m only able to rip Xenosaga Ep III models due to a technique. It might work with other games, but I’ve yet to see it do so. As for ripping from 360/PS3, everyone is right that you need to reverse engineer the game to obtain the model files (or at least the specific format of them). If you have questions on ripping from Xenosaga, PM me if you wish.

So someone could finnaly rip Red Dead Redemption from Xbox 360… I think that is possible because of Microsoft.

no its not, unless someone reverse egineered it, dont count on it, it wont be possible, maybe in the future if they release a pc port like they did with gta4 but we’ll see