Ripping Help? Lime64

I’m having trouble using Lime64. Is there a tutorial on how to use it? like a video or something? I’m trying to rip all the weapons Variants in Advanced Warfare (Mainly I’m trying to Rip all my Legendary and Elite weapons)

Also I’m pretty sure once I use it in Multiplayer I’ll get a VAC Ban. How long does it normally take to receive a Vac ban? I’d like to have an Idea on how long I have to rip as many variants as I can.

It hasn’t been updated for compatibility with Black Ops 3 yet !

Using Lime64 on multiplayer won’t get you VAC banned. I would know this cause I used it a ton, and nothing has happened to me.

Chill Bro, I’M ripping AW models not BO3. . . And I never said anything about BO3 im my post lol

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thanks man lol. I was talking to a friend and he told me using It in multiplayer gets you a ban very quickly. Haha