Ripping help

Hey guys, hopefully you can help me out here,
I’m trying to rip a few models from a Wii game. I’ve looked at tutorials and they all say that they use WiiScrubber. I used it too, but the models in the file are all in .dat files instead of .arc file type. I know I’m probably working myself over, but is there a better, more easier way to rip Wii models with .dat files?

use 3D Ripper DX and Dolphin Emulator, open 3D Ripper DX navigate to Dolphin.exe, check the box for “Capture all textures” and “also Capture to wavefront .obj” then pick launch. when Dolphin launches select your Wii iso/rom and launch to play the game, get to the character you wish to rip and hit F12, this can also be done on gamecube and alot of pc games (not all), if you have any trouble with this let me know

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also what game is it

I see, that makes sense…
It’s DOnkey Kong Barrel Blast