ripping maps from Test Drive Unlimited 2 & The Crew


ive heard that the maps in both games TDU2 & The Crew are meshes. Anyone tried to export & rip them already? im interest to try it out myself and port them to gta san andreas but i would like to know if someone already tried or are the available tools to rip stuff only for cars?

you’re going to rip the entire of the USA to use in san andreas?

Because the crew is literally the whole country but on a smaller scale

im plan to do, thanks to FLA (Fastman Limit Adjuster for san andreas) we can increase several limits and so increase the mapsize, there are several map projects ongoing. One is the GTA Underground project which brings all gta maps together + some extram map (not the IV and V map), the other project is bringing the IV & V map into one in gta san andreas which is much bigger than san andreas itself.

Its possible to do but before i touch The Crew or Test Drive unlimited 2, i want to know if someone has experience with both games and know if its possible to rip the map meshes, i know that we can rip cars and i know that someone ripped a building from one of the games but before i install everything and play around, im looking for people who can answer this because if its NOT possible to rip the map meshes and i prepared everything, it would be wasted time and resources. Otherwise i need to find out myself if no one is here