Ripping Mesh, Animations, And Textures From Frostbite 3

Is there anyone that can help me with a tutorial or some instruction on how to rip mesh, animations, and textures from Frostbite 3 and getting them in a state to be imported into Photoshop and 3ds Max? I don’t need help figuring out how to dump the files as I have already done that I just need to figure out how to get those three elements out of the itexture, EAS, and chunk files. I can’t find any resources but some tools with no instructions included after several hours of searching. I have ripped from Unreal and IW 3.0 but this is my first time messing with Frostbite so I am not entirely ignorant about the basic idea and process of ripping. This is for a programming hobby project. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

If you use the dumper scripts, you must have the file management tools as well. You need to use these to open the meshes.

Likewise you need to itexture converter for textures.

I do not actually. The download links for the dumper and the decoder for audio were still working. the itexture and file manager I found on are no longer working.

They are also dependant on the engine version. What game are you trying to export from?

I am trying to export form battlefield 4 specifically

You will need the BF4 specific scripts then, although I think the BF1 ones are backwards compatible.

Would you happen to have a link to some current resources? Everything I have come across so far is dated with broken links.

I’ve never seen a Frostbite animation file before. Please post an example of what the filename looks like, if you say you dumped it.

I am not sure if I have dumped that in specific only file formats I have from memory is .chunck .eas and . ITexture. I feel like a saw a folder titled animations in my dump though. I am not home at the moment so I can not confirm.

So to touch base on this post since I can now confirm it. I mis-remembered a file extension eas is ebx and in my ebx folder I have a folder titled animations

Yeah, I have never heard of eas files before, unless it has something to do with sound files. These are the most relevant ones:

0x6BDE20BA (texture)
0x49B156D4 (meshset)

If you want skeletons, the bone hierarchies are stored in .ebx files with filenames like “_ske”. If you don’t know how to read the binary format, then you’ll have to convert them to text format using a Python script.

I’ve only started working on that recently, because AFAIK there are no tools for animations for any frostbite/ant game.

This is not about FB3, but has anyone managed to get diffuse textures from Bad Company 2? All I can find are normal maps and RGB masks.

The only way I got animations out from BF4 was going on an open server and using the BF Cinematic Tools to record my character’s skeleton and save it as a file. It’s really tedious (at least for weapons) since you need to have the weapon unlocked, then you need to record all the animations per weapon, and sometimes the game will crash when you use the tools.

After trying to both rip and extract BC2 files, and I get the same textures both times. That leads me to believe that the game “generates” the diffuse textures using that RGB mask, but I have no idea how it does so. It’s even more confusing because some of those RGB textures don’t even use the Blue channel while some do.

I got a copy of Bad Company 1 to get textures from there, but so far I have been unsuccessful.

I have never seen a decent EBX-to-text dumper that works with all Frostbite games either. They all base their code off the same buggy script that doesn’t decode the data types correctly, so it has never been fixed.