Ripping Mii's from Miitomo now possible

Do you want your Mii as 3D model?? Well, I have the solution for you! Just mash the following link and grab the tutorial and you’ll have your own mini figure as 3D model!!

Okay, now to be serious, I finally managed it to rip my Mii models including bumpmaps and so on from the app “Miitomo”. I made a tutorial but it isn’t easy and you’ll need read it carefully and some pretty Blender skills to do this right.

In Miitomo, you can go to the shop and choose the clothing to rip, without having to buy them (because they’re overpriced). You can also rip all the colors the clothings have to offer. But for the Mii drop clothings, you’ll have to look for a Mii wearing it. If the Mii is shown with this clothing in 3D, you can rip it. To get all the colors of a Mii Drop outfit, you may need to extract the textures with PowerVR.