Ripping models and textures from Dead Space 2 [Tutorial]

Hey everybody!
People have been asking me on how to rip models and textures from Dead Space 2. A while ago I’ve written a little tutorial in this thread. Due to the fact that with the time it more or less got hidden between hundreds of other posts, I decided to open a new thread for it.

There are multiple methods, here is the first one:

(For this example we will use Lexine)

  1. Download this tool-pack made by “Rick” from the xentax-forums

  2. Run “Gibbed.Visceral.ArchiveViewer.exe” and open the file “DS2DAT9.DAT” (The files vary from the version of Dead Space 2, just open the DAT-file with the highest number)

  3. Navigate to this path:

then save the file “npcf_lexine.str”
4. Drag and Drop the “npcf_lexine.str” to the executable “Gibbed.Visceral.StrUnpack.exe” ,it creates a new folder with the name “npcf_lexine_unpacked” then.

  1. Repeat the steps 1-4 now, but this time we search for the file “unimedpatient.str” (which shows Isaac in his straitjacket), so this time use THIS path:
    (Don’t forget to unpack this STR!)

  2. Open up “npcf_lexine_unpacked” and navigate to “tg4d”. Then copy the files “0001_npcflexine_c.tg4d” and “0009_npcflexineheadface_c.tg4d” and paste them to “unimedpatient/tg4d”.

  3. Rename the file “0001_npcflexine_c.tg4d” to “0020_playermedpatientcap_c.tg4d”
    (I’m not sure if that is the correct file, so just make some copies and call them “0028_playermedpatientcaptorso_c.tg4d”
    “0044_playermedpatientupper_c.tg4d” )

  4. Rename the file “0009_npcflexineheadface_c.tg4d” to “0008_playerheadface_c.tg4d”

  5. Now go back to “unimedpatient_unpacked” and search for the file “@archive.xml
    Rename it to “unimedpatient”

  6. Now Drag and Drop the file “unimedpatient.xml” to the executable “Gibbed.Visceral.StrPack.exe”
    It should convert the XML to a STR-file now.

  7. On your desctop, create a new folder called “DS2DAT0”.
    Open it and create the following directories inside:


Then paste the file “unimedpatent.str” into the folder “plyr_uniform”.

  1. Now Drag and Drop the folder “DS2DAT0” to the “Gibbed.Visceral.BigPack.exe”.
    It will create a new file then, “DS2DAT0.viv”.
    Rename it to “DS2DAT0.DAT”

  2. Navigate to your Dead Space 2 folder and make them all one number higher, for example:

(Quoted from xentax-user “Rick”)

  1. Copy your new created file “DS2DAT0.DAT” into your Dead Space 2 folder.

  2. Run Dead Space 2 with “TexMod”

  3. Start a new game and search for the correct textures

InGame Isaac should look like this now:

Note: This method only is useful if you can’t rip the textures with TexMod without having to modify the game!

And so we come to the far easier method, Number 2:

(For this example we’ll use the Female Slasher)

  1. You’ll need this script for 3Ds Max to import *.geo-files (more about that later):
    (Just paste the script in an textdocument and save it as an *.ms .

  2. Again, of course you’ll need Rick’s little and nice tool to enter the Dead Space 2 achieves (if you haven’t already downloaded it).

  3. Download and install the 3D Ripper DX.

  4. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, get TexMod.

  5. Alright, now we finally can start! With Rick’s Gibbed.Visceral.ArchiveViewer.exe open the file DS2DAT5.DAT (this varies on the version of Dead Space 2 you have…just pick the DS2DAT*.DAT with the highest number) in your Dead Space 2 folder and navigate to global_assets/global_assets/ds_assets/char_str/npc/zomb_cct/ and extract the file slasher_fem_civilian.

  6. Drag and drop the extracted STR file to Gibbed.Visceral.StrUnpack.exe, it will create a folder called slasher_fem_civilian_unpacked which contains every files we need.

  7. Launch Dead Space 2 with the 3D Ripper DX and rip the female Slasher from the game (make sure it still has all it’s limbs when you save the scene).

-> Exit Dead Space 2.

  1. Launch Dead Space 2 with TexMod and save the textures of the female Slasher.

-> Exit Dead Space 2.

  1. Launch 3Ds Max.

  2. Now run the script you have saved in step 1, navigate to the Mesh folder of slasher_fem_civilian_unpacked and export every single limb of the model (don’t import any files with an sc or an pc in their name). After selecting a file, the import-window will pop up again. Just select the same file again and go on.

  3. Save the current scene and open a new one. Import the frame you have saved in-game with the 3D Ripper DX and delete everything, but not the female Slasher.

  4. Select all of it’s limbs and apply the texture you saved in-game with TexMod to them (the texture will look a little messed up, but that’s normal). Now open the Material Editor and change the textures’ Map Channel until it fits to the model. For this example we’ll say it’s Map Channel 3 (just an example, I’m not sure now what channel it really was).

  5. Choose to export the model as an OBJ file, a new window will pop up. On it’s upper right corner click “Map-Export…” and change the Map Channel to whatever you changed it before with the Material Editor.
    Now export the model.

  6. Open up the scene with the model you have extracted from the STR again and import the model you’ve exported as an OBJ (you’ll probably have to enlarge it a bit).

  7. Select all of the model’s limbs which you got from the STR achieves and apply the texture to them.

  8. Select the OBJ model’s head and apply the modifier “Unwrap UVW” to it.

  9. In the modifier list, select “Unwrap UVW” and click “Edit”.

  10. A new window will pop up. Press CTRL + A to select every vertex and line (they should show up red now) and export the UV’s by clicking on File -> Save UVs.

  11. Now select the head of the model, which you got from the STR achieves and apply the modifier “Unwrap UVW” to it.

  12. In the modifier list, select “Unwrap UVW” and click Edit.

  13. Again, press CTRL + A to select every vertex, and click on “File -> Load UVs…”. Now select the *.uvw-file you just saved.

  14. Repeat step 16 to 21.

  15. Delete the OBJ model and save the scene.

  16. You can start welding, exporting, rigging, (or whatever) the model!

Thanks to Rick from the Xentax-forums for writing and coding this nice archieving program for Dead Space 2!

What mode should TexMod be on? and I assume this works on Steam.

You gotta run it on the Logging Mode. I’m not sure if it works with Steam. It should if you can run the game without having to use Steam, like it works with Fallout 3.

If you’re on Steam,
Rename Deadspace2 to Seadspace2
and Put Texmod in the Deadspace2 folder
Rename Texmod to Deadspace 2
and run Deadspace2 from Steam.


Dead Space 2 crashes when opening with 3D Ripper. :frowning:

Me and my buddy are making dead space mods for both gmod and l4d2, and we are trying to rip the models.

We have the tools to open the str files as well as the audio files but no way to get the models. Apparently you need 3D max that costs unfortunately, so is there a way you can open them on Blender?

My buddy also needs the animation files that are located in the bnk folder.

Pls help us, you are our only hope x)

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OR if I provide the files, can someone with 3D max make the models, textures and anims. openable? :slight_smile:

Also do you must have DS2 open while doing this?

Getting AN Application load error with 3D Ripper DX. Any fix?

Edit: fixed

If anyone stumbles here, just want to say I made an updated tutorial on EXTRACTING everything. Model, skeleton and textures. All from Big Viewer.

You no longer have to use 3D Ripper or any of that nonsense.


Couple of images for proof: