Ripping Models from Black Desert Online Character Creator


Hi all,

I would like to make this post to the community in the form of a Question. It could be taken as a request for help or even a discussion starter. I also hope that it will spark your interest as well.

I am new here and also new to the idea of extracting models from video games for research. I did notice in another thread that my newb-ness did annoy 1 or 2 people. I assure you I have read the rules about posting in these forums here but if I accidentally do or say anything that annoys you then I apologise now. I could not find the sticky thread relating to the specific rules for the Modelling forum.

[Request and Topic of Discussion]

I would like to ask the community about how one would go about ripping models from “Black Desert Online: Character Creator”?

I love the idea of having a modular character creation system then extracting the model as some kind of rapid prototype to further expand upon. Black Desert Online may be limited in the amount of variations that can be generated but will still serve as a great tool to bang out characters with the rough proportions laid out in minutes.

So I put this to you, what do you think of this idea? can we all benefit from this? Does it spark your interest? How would one go about ripping customised models from this game?

Thank you.

Steve ~

Your best bet would be to use ninjaripper HOWEVER, I’d buy a dummy account before you do. It hooks into things in order to rip, which theoretically could get you banned depending on anti-cheat.

Thanks for the tip. I will check out NinjaRipper :slight_smile:

i have the full game but i dont wanna install the full 40gb to just play with the character creator, how do i actually download this character creator? everywhere seems to point to me being able to download just the character creator from this site

but i cant actually find the download link, any help?