Ripping Models from Serious Sam HD.

Hello guys. I wan to ask you guys, is it possible to rip any models from serious sam hd? Because i’ve got texture of sam, and i want to make HD sam playermodel, but, serious editor not allow to edit or export any mesh. So, is it possible?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Guys, can anyone please make me uv map for HD Sam model? It’s realy hard for me…
I made quick rig, and only one problem is the issue with uv.

It is possible to rip from any game as long as you figure a way to do it.

Have you tried using ninja ripper?

yeah, i’ve tried, it don’t give me any result. i’ve also use 3d ripper dx, and no result too.

Sometimes you have to mess around with the wrappers. I’ve had times where i had to put the d3dx##.dll in the game’s folder manually. I even once had to replace the DLL in the games folder.

If all of that fails, i suggest you get the torrent of the game and try ripping from that one. I had to do that with far cry 3 because the Uplay version didn’t let the ripping work

[sp]Mods please be aware im not condoning piracy. the OP HAS a legal steam copy of the game so it should be alright to get the torrent version since he Paied for the game.[/sp]

So, i’m messing around with ninja ripper, and ripped Sam model, but it has issue with uv maps, so, this is awful :frowning:

UV maps will mostly be broken when you Rip stuff. If you have 3ds max, import the model, however the UV coordinates. Set that to 4 and 5. THose usually work for me. It may vary from game to game.

Then drag the texture into the model, and add a UV UNWRAP modifier. Then open the UV map and ZOOM OUT a lot. You should eventually find the UV’s. JUst rescale them, repoisition them and you should be good to go!

Serious Sam player models would be a pretty seriously good deal.

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