Ripping models from the Nintendo DS

At last, the next chapter in ripping from consoles, ripping from the Nintendo DS is here!

Toad, Mario Kart DS

50 .cal Machine gun, Call of Duty 4 DS

Dog, Nintendogs

Ripping these models is simple:
I used a rom, an NSBMD model viewer and OGLE (opengl ripper), along with tarnaa23’s custom config.


It’s interesting

Why would you want to rip models from the DS they all suck, be better to model the damn things urself (and probally easier to get them that low poly)

Ah cool, sounds like a lot to install soo…

Can you rip some Pokémon stuff for me?

Don’t wanna be offensive , but those models are ugly.

But cool that you can rip stuff :).

If you kept these models small scale and got someone to do a bit of lua coding and small scale mapping, we could have a Nintendo DS minigame on our hands :slight_smile:

Haha, Lua Nintendo DS emulator.


Hah, cool :v:.

Ultra mega hyper blaster nice idea !!!

Scary… shivers I mean come on, a Nintendo DS in a GAME on a PC. What has the world come to? :confused:

why not use them as Miniatures?

Thankfully Pokemon models are nsbmd. Tell me what you want :smiley:

Metroid Prime Hunters status: Unrippable.
The game’s files are encrypted in a bin archive that either Tahaxan or NDSEditor can read. Sorry guys.

Or a whole gamemode.

Uhh the first town and your player if he’s not a sprite please.

Your player is a sprite. I’ll look into the first town.

I worked as a modeler and texturer for a company making DS games.

It was my first industry job and I was used to modeling for Half Life so I whipped out all the props we needed, kept the poly limits low (in my standards) at about 100 max.

The lead artist came over and was just like… optimize. Get them all down below 25. I felt retarded… thanks for bringing that memory back.

Hah, looks like you wouldn’t be able to see them that much.

We feel your pain…
What game did you work on?


Heh, cool. The game… anything we’d know?

Are we sure Source can handle this many polygons? Low polygon models could be cool. Imagine a game mode where you get to obliterate thousands of Toads.

Or zombie toads?

it would be funny for a mario/resident evil crossover