Ripping models issue

I attempted to rip a model from a game using 3D Ripper DX, however when I had the model output, converted to a .fbx format and put into 3ds Max, it looked like this.

I tried to rip a character from the game. Any idea why?

Keep digging.
I mean literally, 3D Ripper captures whole scene, so if you are in a city in game, it will capture everything - skies, dome, buildings, cars, characters, debris.
Your character is somewhere inside that mesh.
Convert it into Editable Poly, and using face selector or element selector (in some cases) - start removing it.
It’s like unwrapping present - you remove outer packaging, then there is another packaging, you remove that, then there is another one and so on, like layers on layers, so keep removing objects/elements around your character.

Is there a more efficient way of ripping files from a game or is this basically it?

Ripping yeah, this is most efficient as far as I am aware.
Porting ( extracting game assets from game files) depends on the game.
Might help if you specify what game you are trying to get content from.

I’m trying to pull colonial marine models from AvP 2010. Male and female models for personal use. I tried using noesis to extract the content, but it didn’t like the files in the folder. I honestly have no idea what I am looking at with this render. None of these polygons even form the shape of a person. I assume that all the parts are broken up and I need to piece them back together?

No they are not broken apart, you need to look better, keep in mind that scale of model you imported might be like hundreds times smaller than in game so its harder to find, also its skewed a bit so your character will be skewed and will need adjustment.

Yeah, thank you very much, I just found the woman in the huge pile of mess. She doesn’t appear to be t-posed and is in the animation I took her in. Would I just move her into a t-pose position or is there a way to do that?

This is where it gets complicated, you need to do rigging. ( google gmod character rigging).

It’s basically importing source skeleton bones, applying character skin to bones and compiling it.
It takes time to do.

Gotcha, thank you for your help.