Ripping N64 map from Legend of Zelda

i need to get the original loz oot deku tree onto my computer. any suggestions? i have money if i need to buy software etc.

Sorry for being cocky.
My brother was trying to finish a machinima and needed loz maps. He is good at mapping and just wanted something to base it off of. He was going to make his own account to post off of but was far to lazy so he used this.

Once again, sorry for mis-communication.


We have no idea what you’re talking about.

Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of Time.

He needs the Deku tree map.

I think he’s asking if you can port the deku tree from the game into hammer editor
but no it’s virtually impossible unless you make it by scratch
the only thing you could rip from the game is probably the textures
most of the textures you will have to make yourself

i don’t know why you’d want their textures anyhow, they’d be ugly.

iwtiac (i will talk in acronyms constantly)

To make it more like the original obviously.

Rip the map from an emulator with 3D Ripper DX, and import it into blender, then export it to vmf/mdl and rebuilt it in hammer. Tried to do this a few years ago - i failed.

Here’s the Deku Tree scene ripped and in .wrl form. It also contains all textures in the scene.

Do what you wish with it.

Ripping from an N64 game? blimey.

I will rape it. Constantly.


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The Legend of Zelda. Ocarina of Time.

It doesnt matter anywho, im instead using loz: mm to recreate the south town. IT IZ MA FAVORITE MAP(:

ChewyDuck your not off to a good start. Change your attitude please.

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I am agreeing with him, not showing up to him. I think your confused with what i said, i meant to say something along the lines of thanking him for telling the first kid what i was talking about


im confused, what attitude? i just want my question answered and i got it so i was thanking one kid and telling the other kids the answers to questions or comments they said

You’re getting ahead of yourself and acting cocky as if mapping is as easy as shit.
You’ve been posting questions such as “How do I map?” but then start planning to make something from Legend of Zelda because you read a portion of the valve wiki and this makes you “Pro.” You need to work at it more, get a feel for hammer, test maps, test how things work. Then you could do as you please if you worked at it. You’re trying to build a skyscraper without supports, it’s going to collapse on top of you.

Exactly how old do you think we are?