Ripping Playstation 2 Models - Advise requested

For another gmod model porting project I am attempting to rip the models off a particular PS2 game.

The first thing I read into and attempted was this.
Unfortunately all the differnt steps you could take were incompatible with the .RES files which contained everything in the game.

The second attempt was legally setting up PCSX2 and then using 3D Ripper DX however it appears that 3D Ripper does not look at the game but instead the PS2 emulator which is a DirectX application (or I’m not properly configuring something). So that does not work either. I have heard a rumor that an older version (0.9.2 did apparently work but I can not locate the older version.)

There is a third thing I can do but it’s the dirtiest thing out there and very time consuming. It involves ripping the models by getting the model by taking a snapshot of the same object at different angles, then extruding out the model Z-wise because the z buffer data will be lost.

am trying to port a game for models too i heard the zero gs can work with 3dx ripper for the models

I have yet to get any usable rips using game assassin, 3dx ripper, or 3d via, just flat planes and broken models

does game assassin work with the pcsx2 Gd plugin ?

I don’t know, but I’m not holding my breath since PCSX2 has managed to evade every attempt to get working rips thus far.

no it doesnt, I tried with haunting ground and got nothing with it
I only seen a few people here and there get ps2 rips and they never seem to explain how they did it well enough for other people to do it to.

i think the way they do it is to get they’re actuall PS2 to send the RAW 3d feed into they’re PC’s memory through a specialised RAW 3D viewer and ripp from that, the only way im getting my FFX ripps is because they’re a viewer and it can dump em…

The thing is, how do you rip said raw data and stream it to your computer? Yes there is a network adapter fo the PS2 but you would still have to somehow run the ripping application in a layer betweent he PS2 hardware and the game itself which to my knowledge is not possible unless you own a TOOL.

[del]Does anyone have a lead on where I can get PCSX2 0.9.2? I really want to attempt that and see waht happens.[/del] I found PCSX2 0.9.2 here.

Edit. 0.9.2 is super fucking buggy for me. Either it fails to allocate memory or it just randomly crashes.

all i know is that it uses the ethernet ports on the ps2 and the machine and a special set of protocols in combination with a specialised program…

I kept at it and with 0.9.8 and 3D Ripper I can so far rip some textures but so far it’s mainly been fodder like text and interface elements. Nothing like the actual models or even the proper textures. I’m also getting a lot of just plain funky stuff what are more snapshots than actial useable content.

go ask sony for their tools :stuck_out_tongue:

have you tried expanding the ripp on each different axis untill you get something 3D?
also if i can find out how to get the way i mentioned of ripping works and whats involved, i may be able to help you out ALOT.

you cant expand Y, well you can but it wont do anything

i can access my game data through a hex editor but i do not know how to rip the codes to the model

TOOL dev units do appear on ebay from time to time. I keep missing the good auctions where they sell for $60-120 and only seem to find the ones where they sell for $350+. They are really hard to find.

does anyone know how to do the hex way ?

I created some youtube videos addressing “Ripping from PCSX2 using 3dripperDX”

… I was the one who came up with the method, and wroteup a tutorial (now gone)

but I do believe I have a video from my yt about the alt method, using 3dvia

anyway what game are you trying to hack into? ps2 is easy it only defines vertices, faces are generated tristrip

legendz gekatou saga battle that is what am trying to rip from

hm, its a japanese game… don’t have that one :stuck_out_tongue:

got some files samples you could upload

Il upload the data files when I get up bit late to do it now tell me what site you wish me to upload them to