Ripping/Porting from the Xbox 360

Does anyone here know how to port from the Xbox 360? I am looking for some help.

depends on the game. Which one are you looking to port from?

Well my plan originally was the Wreck-it Ralph model from Sonic racers transformed, but then I saw that Anarchy reigns came out and I wanted the Jack Cayman model as well.

Hmm. I believe most games use a completely custom file format made by the developers. Being that the game is so new, I don’t know if there would be a model extractor/viewer for it yet, however, if the development company recycles their file format, there’s a possibility that there’s one that could work. I don’t have the game and I don’t think any of my friends would have it either, so without any file samples from the game, I honestly couldn’t tell you.

I did a quick google search, but haven’t turned anything up. I would say just keep googling.

Just wait until the PC version comes out.

I take it back, it does look like some people have started on ripping the models, but they’re having trouble with the textures and random parts of the or something like that.

Like I said my original plan was the Wreck-it Ralp model but then I wanted Jack Cayman from Anarchy reigns. And that game isn’t nor will come to the PC.

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For which game? Anarchy or Sonic racers?

Anarchy. As far as Sonic, I think the PC port is your best bet.

Yeah I was planning on waiting for Sonic for PC. But can you direct me to where people are porting Anarchy Reign models?

I’ve only found a thread from like june of 2012, where people were trying to get them from the demo, the post only has 1 reply, which is just someone asking “how do you open them” and has no real information.

Darn, then I guess it’s a no show.

If i can get ahold of some of the files I can look into it, but I don’t know anybody with a ps3 or xbox, let alone that game, and I’ve had no luck finding any sample files.