Ripping posters from Dead Space 2?

Hello everyone, I’m pretty new to all this but I found an old thread talking about Dead space models here so I decided to ask. I’ve recently been playing a space sandbox game and I’ve been creating ships from Dead Space. While playing through the game I noticed posters that I’ve never seen online before. Is there an easy way to go in and find the assets? I’ve included an example of a poster I’ve seen that really contributes to the lore. I’ve also found a model for the Ishimura here on the Gmod workshop and I think it’s from the first game. I actually converted the gmod file back to a model and I’m getting it 3-d printed. I was wondering if anyone had models of the other ships, like the escape shuttles you see in the beginning. The other thread I saw did have the model for the gunship which was really great.


Maybe if you ripped with Ninja Ripper, it’d capture the textures for you.