ripping SFIV

as i was trying to get the viper model out of SFIV i noticed that there wasnt even a model to take directly (i suspect this is mostly since the game runs on a custom engine)

any thoughts?

Are you sure the model is actually ripped and not just the background? 3D Ripper DX (if that’s what you used) works 50% of the time.

Also when importing, did you set the FOV setting (in the dialogue box when importing?)

you will have to excuse me for being a total newbie on this so ill try to explain.

firstly i snatched a frame while in this gamemode, then when i imported it to 3D max it only showed the combo bars. ‘‘That can’t be right’’ so i went on again and used wireframe to see that the models players didnt have any wire frames (as seen in the pictures).

as for the FOV settings i have no idea.

i sent a e-mail to mario kart to ask how he got hes models from the game (since hes banned on FP) but he hasnt replyed yet.

You can use piecemontee’s sf4 explorer to get the models as objs.

aha, problem fixed.

there was a file missing in the 3D ripper folder so it wasnt working as it was supposed to.

now i just need to get the model sorted, and learn how to use 3D max, and thats gonna take some time.

unless anyone skilled would have a look at it.

I forgot to say that you should always look for model importer/exporter tools first before you try and rip.