Ripping Sketchfab models (WebGL)

I’m pretty new to ripping and I’m trying to rip some models from Sketchfab using Ninja Ripper + Firefox. I’m getting good results, but there’s still 3 things missing.

  1. Inverting polygons and inverting UV
    Can anyone teach me how to do this in 3ds Max?
  2. Holes
    How do you close holes in meshes in 3ds Max?

By the way I’m almost exactly following the tutorial written by medwed in here:
Orig thread:
If you guys have any better guides than this, please do share

Any help will be appreciated!

If the uvs or geometry are inverted, manually change the settings in ninjaripper import dialog.

How do you do that? I’m using version 1.5.2 and there’s no settings for inversion
Oh misread that. Okay I will try it

I mean in the 3ds import dialog.

Is sketchfab still using DX9? I’m not having success yet with rips following same tutorial

Hi Guys.

Version x86 works perfect for me with DDRAW Wrapper.
Use Firefox !!!
Rip it with Forced Rip. (The Model must reload)
Import it via with
UV Settings manual U = 3, V = 4.
And then try all Models.
Sometimes only the 3-5. Model has UV´s.

But Beware.
Ripping without Permission is Stealing !!!

Have Fun

Well I get an error saying it can’t create a directory.

Can someone get this model for me

I cant seem to get ninjaripper to work.

You can’t rip from Sketchfab and with good reason. Sketchfab is used for many 3D Artist to publish their work so they can show as part of their portfolio. I for one am against ripping from Sketchfab cause I will say that it’s almost like stealing, plus I have my own 3D Modelling work on sketchfab and I know I wouldn’t really be a happy guy if someone was to rip it from the website. I mean this is people’s work that they want to show to clients so they can get jobs and such. You might say that I don’t plan on redistributing it, and you may not, but there are those that would do anything to get free content and are willing to exploit flaws in systems to steal other people’s creations.

Just putting that out there, so go ahead and call me an Asshole.

Not any different from the purpose of 90% of the other threads in this forum (FYI I agree with you). They should probably change the name of this forum to “ripping” instead of modeling as there is very little modeling involved in the majority of the threads.

I guess I am a hypocrite though as I came here looking for content (NPCs) for Garrys Mod and how to create content for GM, yet surprisingly I found the majority of content for GM is stolen from other games.

Well you can make the argument this is a different case since these models are not linked to any existing game or property.
Personally I do not like ripping from sketchfab either, and the only reason I am considering going forward with it is because of a specific model I need for personal use, and my attempt to contact the creator about purchasing said model being foiled by the fact he has been offline for over an year, and I have no means to reach him.


I Agree with You.
Oops. I wrote I have ripped from Sketchfab. Sounds crazy. No.

I Think Sketchfab is splitted in 3 Parts.

The downloadable Models ( the Download Link is the Permission i was Talking about ).
I cant use the downloadable DAE File ( Import Error) so i´ve ripped it.

The Pro and Semi-Pro Part that should never be touched.

And the Game Part. From Pro Companys.
For me, it´s the same as ripping or porting Games.
Semi Legal i think. The Companys mostly know and ignore that till Years.

So TheDevilsOwn if you see anyone who ripped your Files, rip his Ass.
100 Bucks for a Violence of Copyright is Okay i think.

Okay seeing as there are issues with ripping from sketchfab, could anyone rip the model of shunt from one of the robot wars games?

If there is a model in a game, why did you not ask for that first instead of the sketchfab one?

because iv tried to get the model from the game and there doesnt appear to be one. Just some text files

well… you can always ask the author of the sketchfab model if he/she want’s to release it or give it to you for free and giggles. if not then not. is it hard to ask tho?!?

and… i just ripped 2 or 3 more figures. really just posed figures. ripping for entertainment. had to notice… in some cases the ninja can even be alot of work and restarts to get everything. wow. :smile:

Can you share version I cant find it anywhere. Thanks!

Not nessesary. Should work with all newer Versions like this:

There you can find the Tutorial too. With all possible Way´s.
For each other Model an other Way i Think.

Have Fun

Thanks! but unfortunately I cant get it to work, when set on DDRAW it does nothing, and all the other modes I get an error when loading any sketchfab page. " Can’t create dir:F\Apps_NinjaRippper\2016.03.00_firefox.exe\ ERR:0x00000005 or ERR;0x00003"

Sorry Guy.

“F\Apps” shows me that you are using a System that i don´t know.
For Win 10 or a Pad with Apps you must ask someone other.

Can Ninjaripper work with Apps??