Ripping Skyrim Characters?

Hey there, sorry if this is the wrong section.

Recently I’ve been trying to rip my character model from Skyrim. I found the tutorial for recreating it in the Creation Kit, but unfortunately my game loads a number of mods, and using the ‘spf’ command to save the .npc file saves a completely different facemesh. So, that route isn’t going to work (unless I was doing it wrong).

Is there a way to configure any of the variety of 3D rippers to work with Skyrim and SKSE? 3D Ripper DX didn’t seem to load up when ran, Ninjaripper caused a CTD, and I have yet to find 3D Via Printscreen anywhere on the internet.


Use Racemenu. All you gotta do is hit the Z key in charcreation, and you can export your face to a .nif that can be loaded with max or converted to OBJ and loaded to Blender via NIFSkope.

You don’t even need rippers for that game. You can extract the game’s models directly from it’s .BSA archives using applications like FOMM or other mod tools for the game. Same with textures. Why are people using rippers on the game ? You can convert right from the .NIF format, and preserve UV data. Also, you can’t actually rip a character model with specific body/face proportions. The game’s face and body meshes are used universally, are few, and are only morphed in-game.

Seriously, don’t use rippers on the game. Waste of time.