Ripping the Microvolts character models?

If anyone has a game called Microvolts in their hard drive, is anyone able to rip the basic character models of all 4 of the playable characters, (and Colonel Crac would be nice to have as a model rip too) if they’re able to, send me a link of it, if it’s impossible to rip the character models, inform me that you can’t rip the models.

Here’s 3 of the 4 player models (I haven’t unlocked the last one yet)

The Colonel crac guy I was talking about

A picture of the Zombie King in the new update (ripping his model is optional)

I attempted ripping from that game, but failed horribly mostly because I didn’t know what I was doing.

Also for future reference, your supposed to show pictures of what you’re requesting. Put the image URL between tags.

The game uses nif models. the files are just changed zip files there is an extractor on xentax.

I found some .dat files for the characters (examples rag_doll.dat, which is the character ragdoll models, and TUT_NPC.dat, which is for the Colonel Crac model) do these have to do with ripping the models?

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and another thing, what’s the extractor called?

just rename the .dat to .zip.

Sorry if I’m bumping a dead thread, but I want to rip the sounds and shit so I could make a custom TF2 mod FTL.

All I can find on XeNTaX was a file, nothing else. What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?

Edit: Okay, I see I’m supposed to use it with QuickBMS, but it doesn’t work.


  offset   filesize   filename
  00000023 4294967295 Girl/

  Error: unknown zip signature 21896 at offset 34
         if the other files have been extracted correctly it's all ok

- 1 files found in 0 seconds

Press RETURN to quit_

No files were extracted.