Ripping these models from PS2?

So I’ve noticed a lack of diversity in the Star Wars models available in GMOD. Usually they are only models, and when they are NPCs and playermodels, they’re usually boring as hell. It’s always just imperials and rebels. I want some aliens. Also the models are always taken from Jedi Outcast and it’s gotten old. Something I haven’t seen is models from Star Wars: Bounty Hunter getting ported over. These models are in some cases UGLY as hell, but i actually like them and they have a sort of charm to them. Plus there’s so many of them, there are tons of aliens and I think having these models in GMOD would be tubular.
It’d be even better if someone were to rig them and make them into playermodels and NPCs.
Here I’ve compiled a few pics of some of the models. Even if they are ugly, if they were ported they could easily just be touched up visually in, since I don’t see a problem with the models other than the “too pointy” and “too blocky” things typical of games from this time. Just thought I’d throw this out here and see if anyone would like to work with me on this project. Afraid I couldn’t be too much help but I mean I’d do all I could. Thanks!
Some of the models:

also has anybody ported random just normal average joe citizens and alien models from kotor? like rodians and stuff?
I dont understand why all the star wars content revolves around militaries in the sw universe.