Rise of the Machines (Redid my old pose)


Damn models aren’t fingerposeable.

Nice. The fog is a little heavy in the background though.

I took a few pics with different fog settings, and selected this, because in the other pictures the fog was too heavy or too light.


F.F.S., FP resized the pic again :argh:

Pretty good.

i’d so love to see good terminator models…sight
anyway nice picture…

BTW:no i don’t find this model good…

Yeah, I wish there was better termy models. This one is too low-poly and the chest part and the skull aren’t accurate either.

So your picture isn’t 1280x1024?

Looks good Imo, but a bit to much smoke :stuck_out_tongue:

Tried to give it a bit “movie poster”-ish feeling.


It is, but it appears as resized for me.

Thanks. I used that much smoke/fog because in the Terminator 3 beginning scene the place is very foggy and such, tried to get that feeling.

I like this updated pic. Looks more cinematic.