Rise of the people

http://orig05.deviantart.net/89fb/f/2015/063/8/5/rise_of_the_people_by_rammkap-d8kh14h.png[/t] [t]https://pp.vk.me/c622528/v622528808/1f3b7/bQT-j_zpZtU.jpg

The background is too busy, and I couldn’t tell what he was sitting on at first. (I’m critiquing the post-edits.)

The edit is blurry as shit.

why is the image, the main topic of the thread, so much smaller than the YT music link?

because op used thumbnail tags on the pic

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no it isnt, the dof is just fine
but youre right about not being able to make out what hes sitting on

It’s not the blur that I’m talking about, but the contrast of colors. The color of the main character and the background blend into each other a little too well, regardless of blur.

Is that a map or a scenebuild?

I think that if you overlayed the original over the edit and deleted the top 50% of the pic and redid the blur of the yellow in a far less harsh glow, it would look better. The excess blur and yellow bloom really confused me at first as to what was sitting on top of the robot thing.