Rising Assualt

My first COD:MWII model pose.


  1. Great editing
  2. Posing and the scene are good but bland, which is ok since you’re getting your barrings on MW2 models and such
  3. Where in the blue balls of hell did you get the traitor model, I cant find em >:/

Am I hallucinating again or are the legs horribly tiny?

They don’t do that much lower body weight training now a days

Actually I think the pants have cloths in them don’t know, but there legs are like microscopic (over exaggeration) Nice work, but why is he bad spelling?

Maybe the “II” at the end.

Well that’s Roman Numerals, Don’t people on the Internet know?

holy fuck

only now did i just realize that lol

inb4inflator on next poses

or maybe it’s just a porportion problem but i doubt it



ff now i cant stop looking at how fucked up they are