Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Models

I thought about putting this threat aside, but I figured if people released the Beta/Alpha weapons of Rising Storm then maybe I’ll have some luck in this field for whoever has the Beta since I didn’t get my key yet. Maybe it’s too early to even think about ripping from their game, I don’t know yall’ know what’s best once in a while.

Now that I’m done blabbing, just checking to see if anyone who has Rising Storm 2 may possibly have the UPK files from the game and such that would be so kind to pass it on for porting. Only asking since the weapons/props are just a beauty, even if people like to downplay the game cause of its graphics.

If anyone has some idea’s, please hit me up on the thread. If I get in the Beta, then that’ll settle it for me.

Something in particular like these


Tripwire explicitly said don’t spread stuff around, and many people including myself had to sign an NDA to get in. I’m pretty sure that applies to art content too, it’s better to just not risk it. Especially when the game is already coming out very soon.

I don’t know about other people, but to get around this I’ll start working on the models early, and then the minute the game is released actually post everything already fully finished.

Sounds slick, thanks for the heads up.