Rising Sun - Glorious Japanese remove American Pigs.


i love it

Thanks it shows how much better Japanese are to American pigs.

How can I start.

  1. Bad posing.
  2. Jagged edges
  3. Kliener isn’t Japanese…
  4. Shitty idea

you should have at least use proper japanese soldier and weapon models…

Why are Japanese businessmen wearing German gear? :v:

'cuz they are cool like that duh.
also i’ve noticed a nazi flag in the background.
nice fail OP. :science:


Japanese and Nazis have been allied during WW2, just fyi

Looks still like shit

Loving all the people who think this is serious

For wong tong soup and the emperor.

It is serious my glorious brother, we will show those capitalists who is the boss around here!

maybe,but japanese weren’t fighting in Germany,using German weapons

honestly, i am loving this idea.

Where is everyone getting these guys.


everyone needs to stop being super serious, i lol’d

posin is off though

for someone who is serious with newcomers most of the time,i find this pretty ironic

Heil Kim Jong Il.


The source of this content is… torturous to look through.

kim Jong Il is Korean,not Japanese

i like it, its not too serious

could of had better posing on kleiner though

This is gold