Rising Tides - Our first S&box Gamemode

Hello - I’m here to make posts regarding the development of our upcoming S&box gamemode: Rising Tides. This gamemode takes inspiration from the Garry’s Mod Flood servers, but has been significantly adapted to make it unique and fresh. This will be the first of many gamemodes developed for our community on the Source 2 engine.

Some of you may know us from our past servers on Garry’s Mod - We originally went by the name “CC-Revival”, as our first servers were Half-Life 2 Roleplay focused using the Combine Control schema. Our team also launched a variety of other servers, from Stalker RP to Metro-based survival RPG’s, and we really enjoyed working to develop and release our own custom games for people to enjoy. Over the past year and a half, our community rebranded to be known as “Test Chamber”, and has been in a state of stagnation due to a variety of personal problems that arose. Now, with the S&box release around the corner, our team has regrouped and is revitalized towards coding new, interesting gamemodes while working to build our new community.

Below, I will cover our most recent gamemode, Singularity, that we launched about a year ago, and give a brief summary of our immediate plans with S&box.


Singularity was one of our biggest projects, and encompassed many new features we had to code from the ground up. The gamemode was intended to be the most advanced HL2RP schema developed for Garry’s Mod, and we believe it succeeded in many regards. It has since been shut down due to the stagnation that coincides with a majority of RP servers, but we learned some very valuable lessons during its duration, and gained lots of coding experience that will help us transition over to this new platform.

We have a variety of videos posting that show off this gamemodes features, so if you’re interested in seeing what we’re capable of, feel free to check them out!

Test Chamber - YouTube

And now, what we are currently working on…

Rising Tides

We plan on making a variety of gamemodes in S&box, but we wanted to start off with something relatively simple in comparison to some of our future plans. Our first server takes inspiration from the Garry’s Mod gamemode “Flood”, and will see players compete against each other to gather resources, build ships, and survive the rising tides as they fight to the death.

Rising Tides will consist of four phases:

  • Pre-round phase: Players will interact, form groups, spend skill points, and equip cosmetics in a player hub during this phase. Forming groups will give players the ability to build much larger ships, with a system similar to that of Zombie Survival in which nails are the limiting factor for size. Skill points will act as our primary progression system, giving players with lots of time on the server or high amounts of wins improved odds.

  • Scavenging phase: After spawning across several small islands, players will rush to gather supplies for the upcoming flood and battles. Supplies, in this case, will consist of three categories: Props (used for building a boat), weapons, and misc (medical supplies and vanity items). Similar to any other battle royale, the best items will be found in the most dangerous areas.

  • Building phase: Players will use the props they scavenged to begin construction of their ship. Props will have two main values to consider: Buoyancy and armor. These values will be determined primarily by appearance - A metal shelf, for example, would have high armor values but low buoyancy, making it ideal as an outer shield for your ship. As mentioned before, construction will be done via a nail-hammer system similar to Zombie Survival in Garry’s Mod, making it more immersive and intuitive to a new player than a welding system.

  • Action phase: Water levels will begin to rise, forcing players to board their recently constructed rafts and brave the sea. Falling into the ocean will rapidly injure players, so a well-made boat is vital. As the water level rises, players will converge towards each other and attempt to sink opposing teams to secure victory for themselves.

As mentioned above, we will be implementing progression systems in the form of levels/skill points and cosmetics. We also intend to add a variety of “events”, which will significantly change the flow of the round.

If you played on any of our Garry’s Mod servers, feel free to message us below, we love hearing from people who enjoyed our past work. Expect further elaboration on this gamemode as it progresses. Coding will begin as soon as we receive the keys needed for our developers to begin - As of now, our team has all the pre-coding work completed, so we are limited only by access, though our mappers have begun already and will have progress pictures posted soon.

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining our team, please feel free to comment here or message me personally on discord. My discord is “sqwilliam#7860”


We are requesting three keys so that our developers and mappers can begin work immediately.

Thanks for reading!


Unique take on a game mode known by may within the community. I personally have not heard of your previous endeavors but will be sure to give them a look. One of the best parts I think within the game mode is the nail and hammer system. Where props were the limiting factor before in flood, nails is something that will keep all players within the same restraints. I will be keeping my eyes on this and can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned


Hey! I absolutely loved flood growing up and felt that it was a game mode with so much potential to be expanded on. I am a mapper & modeler who has been looking for a project for quite some time, and would love to work with you. Flood was honestly a big part of my childhood, so this interests me a ton!
Added you on Discord, I am Atherial#2210. Would love to chat. :slight_smile:

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