Rising Waters - Flood Mod Revisited.

Rising Water is a gamemode i thought of when playing Bioshock 2 this morning along with ME 2.

This would be basically along the normal lines of normal Flood mod servers BUT i plan to add a hell of a lot more.


  • Levelling System( So levels 1 to 10 wont be owned by level 50’s Etc. )

  • Gun Creation System( Buy parts from the store and more unlocked at later levels )

  • Achievements( Allow you to gain exp and money for achievements )

  • Team and Clan creation( Allows you to make yourself a nice little team )

  • Get the HUD looking mighty fine (50% done)

  • Make the Store - preferably a SNPC

  • Tab menu. ( Player list, admin options )

  • Limit props by level

  • Lots of custom weapons and the ability to make your own random stat weapons like those in borderlands

  • Maps ( Might use original flood … i don’t know )

  • Find a good system to keep your items and money ( Hopefully not MySQl … i know ill end up doing that… )

  • Third person camera? Mehbe


As you can see this is a massive work in progress.

Latest HUD image - Comments would be great.

I will be looking for beta testers soon.


If you only have a hud, why did you post?

Plus your to-do is longer than the stuff you actually have.

GL with it though hope it works out

I hope it works out for you. I always like Flood. However, you have a shitty HUD and an awful name which I would consider changing. Rising Damp sounds like an invasion of mold.

He is still learning some lua, so this is pretty interesting, Good luck man.

Looks Nice

Hehe isno this just happened to be the flood mod map i had on my pc from a server.

@noobulator haha yeh i know but i can assure you it will be done.

@Entoros In what ways would you change the HUD? It’s also strange you don’t like the name, most people i asked said they liked it.

It just looks really plain and a little cluttered. Just boxes and characters, plus there’s no color scheme. There’s no need to make the experience bar go across the screen. We’ve all seen the typical red health bar. Here’s what you need:

[ul][li]An overall color scheme[/li][li]Personally, I like compressing things - try placing all of those elements in one box in the bottom right/left[/li][li]Mix it up! If you take a look at the HUD I made for Tactical Assault, I put a twist on things by making it all parallelograms. Just try and find something new besides a box - outline the box, make it a circle, anything.[/li][li]I would also recommend a HUD element for the time in-round.[/ul][/li]
As for the name, I’d be ok with Rising Waters, Rising Rapids, but the word “Damp” just strikes me as talking about mold, rather than floods.

Thanks for the info… Will do that :smiley:

HUD Remade and Reposted.

That’s pretty cool, but it looks out of place and stands out a bit too much


Jimmylaw what? You don’t make sense.


HUD Being changed to a new image… Thoughts?

I haven’t done the text, i really have no energy at the mo.

Why is it so in your face? Can you not just make a small one in a corner like most gamemodes.

Grah people cant be happy nowadays :smiley:

Ill revise it.

HUD is way too intrusive, bring it closer to the edges of the screen and make it wayyy lower.

Changed it after being trolled by some old people.

YES! That is exactly what I was talking about. Maybe not that particular design, but I love the idea of it.

Aww thanks entoros j h
just gutta put what each section is now.

– Now got my old mate whos a game coder by profession on board. GOOD TIMES.

The hud looks terrible. In-case you haven’t remade it already, you should honestly just make it simple, no one wants to look at an ugly confuzing display over a basic health-bar styled hud, just my two cents.

Simpler HUD and I’ll use that image as a splash or something like that heh :smiley: